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1 Aug 2017

Read 5 Things You Benefit For Being A Virgin(Number 3 And 4 Will Make You Wish To Become Virg!n Again)


We all know that every man want good woman, if he turn out to meet a virg!n girl as a wife , he will be happy and feel honoured.

Yes no man want pus * , sy that has been torn into pieces,a honeypot that is so wide, everyone want tight pus * , sy

These are the benefits below

Respect from husband: Most men tend to respect virgins throughout their marriage vows . Virgins rarely have break up marriage. I am yet to see a man who will divorce a woman whom he married as a virg!n .

Beauty: The beauty of an innocent woman is indescribable. It is like new rose.

You ’ re respected : - Ever the devil respects a Virg!n ! Caus he knows it’ s not easy to remain one at present age. That ’ s why he impute delusional conception on people to criticized you.
You’ re a role model and a source of

inspiration: - every moment you tell the world you’ re a virg!n , you’ re encouraging a teenage girl to keep herself clean till right time.

You will be more comfortable in advising your children. Is the secret to a long and happy marriage.


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