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22 Jul 2017

Nigerian Man Sentenced To Life Imprisonment For Beating Girlfriend's Son To Death (Photos)


A 39-year-old Nigerian
man, Marvyn Iheanacho,
who was arrested for
beating his five-year-old
stepson, Alex Malcolm, to
death for losing a shoe, has bagged a life sentence after
being found guilty at
Woolwich Crown Court in
the United Kingdom, Sun

The jurors of the court was
said to hear that Iheanacho
had taken Alex with him to
pick up DVDs from his
friend's place on November
20, 2016. On the way, the pair stopped at Mountsfield
Park in Hither Green where
a witness overheard that
the child saying 'sorry' for
losing his shoe before he
attacked him.

Jurors were shown footage
of Iheanacho carrying Alex
in a "fireman's lift" away
from the park and towards
a taxi rank where he asked
for a cab to his girlfriend Lilya's home.

When he arrived at the
address, Iheanacho attacked
his partner to stop her
calling an ambulance, and
shouted: "Keep your fing
mouth shut."

It was learnt that Iheanacho suggested putting the schoolboy in a
bath before wrapping him
in a towel and assaulted.

According to a report by
Vanguard, Williams faces 20
years in jail for mail fraud,
aggravated identity theft,
voter fraud and illegally re-
entering the US after being initially deported.

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