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16 Jul 2017

'I Have Forgotten About Hushpuppi,He Has No Credibility'-Phyno


Long long ago,Hushpuppi and Phyno got themselves entangled in what
seemed to be an online battle after the former accused Phyno of
wearing fake designers wristwatch.

Phyno replied him and the shading began.

Ice Prince who was also accused by Hushpuppi for wearing fake
designers wrist watch preferred to keep his calm after telling
Hushpuppi that big dogs don't bark.

Sunday Scoop recently caught
up with the rapper and he
stated that he had put the
episode behind him.

"It is very childish to brag about what I have. I care more about
touching lives in
positive ways. It is not really about how
much you have in your bank
account but how many
people's lives you have made
better. The good thing is that
I have a track record and people know what I do. So it
doesn't really make sense for
me to be exchanging words
with someone who just came
from nowhere and has no
credibility whatsoever," he said.

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