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16 Apr 2017

Suicide Bomber Lures Children With Crisps And Killed 45 (Photos)


A suicide bomber lured
children by handing out crisps before detonating a huge blast that
killed at least 45 people in Syria, a witness

A huge explosion ripped through a convoy of around 10 buses waiting to carry
thousands of civilians out of
rebel-held towns near Aleppo.

The coaches were left
blackened and destroyed
while dozens of bodies lay
both inside and outside.

Many of them were children. Abd Habak, a videographer,
captured the devastation with this image of a colleague left
on his knees and in tears
beside the charred body of a
child. A witness told ZamanEnglish

"A van was distributing
crisps. "Children started
running after it. It then
exploded." The blast hit the Rashidin area on Aleppo's outskirts,
where dozens of buses carrying mostly Shi'ite
residents of two villages that
are being evacuated in a deal between warring sides were
waiting to enter the city. The Britain-based Syrian
Observatory for Human Rights
said at least 24 were killed. A senior rebel official said 20
rebels who guarded the buses were killed as well as dozens of passengers.

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