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22 Apr 2017




Nnamdi soon woke up, ignored my greeting, washed his mouth and left
the house without a word.

I was terribly scared because of the way he looked at me.

I knew it was just a matter of seconds before he kicks us out of his room.

I sobbed quietly as i lamented my fate.

"My mates are all with their parents, enjoying their lives and
planning for a brighter future. Here i'm suffering like a refugee" i
reasoned with tears.

"only if i had listened to him months ago and terminated my baby, i
wouldn't be suffering in this manner" i said to myself bitterly. But
deep down in my heart i equally knew i rejected to do his bidding
because i couldn't bear such guilt which would have been terrible and

Winnie's loud cry soon calmed me. I quietly carried her, changed her
napkin, breastfed and sang a lullaby for her. He came in that moment
eyeing us.

"have you packed all your things?" he asked coldly. I swallowed hard
and stared at him pleadingly.

"please don't do this to us" i begged, "we are already managing well,
i'll start a trade very soon" i added. He scratched his head uneasily
and again eyed me murderously,

"do you call this life eeh? Abeg shut up that your dirty mouth" he
barked, before grabbing all my clothes which he dumped inside an old
large bag, fetched winnie's things and equally dumped them in it.

"here is two hundred and fifty Naira {#250} it's your transport fare
to your parents house, i have tried enough for you, i won't kill
myself doing it mtcheeew" he muttered and threw the money at me.

Tears instantly fell uncontrollably from my eyes, i had no where to
go. I was doomed, I dropped winnie on the bed, knelt and begged him

"please Nnamdi, please" i begged again and again, but instead of my
pleas to calm him, it infuriated him tremendously. He slapped me hard,
grabbed the bag and threw it out of his room.

"i will do the same to you and this baby if you don't leave
peacefully" he threatened.

I stared at him heartbroken, and hungry, cursing the day i granted him
access to my body.

The story of my love life with Nnamdi really is a long one. An affair
which never should have happened in the first place had i ignored my
heart, because he really had nothing to offer me, yet i foolishly fell
in love with him. A very stupid teenage love affair which i now

Love dosen't work in an empty stomach, neither does it work in an
unsecured environment. Nnamdi wasn't in love with me any longer
because circumstances changed and he only saw me as a burden to his
miserable life.

He totally ignored winnie's cries, my pleas and our neighbours
preachings as he pushed us out of his house that fateful morning.

A day i was supposed to be happy because it was my birthday.


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