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17 Apr 2017

Jesus Was Always Seen Around Criminals- Vice President Yemi Osinbajo

The vice president, Yemi Osibanjo,in his Easter sermon said that Jesus had the characteristics of being around criminals.

Osinbajop made the claim in his Easter sermon.
“Jesus before now had shown that he came to stand with criminals, sinners. For instance,
John 8:3 proved to us that Jesus intervened in the case of a woman who committed adultery;

in Luke 19:5, Jesus was seeing with Zacchaeus, a corrupt man. So Jesus had a characteristics
of being around criminals.

“He said I have come for these people. Between the criminals was Jesus Christ; one
repenting and the other mocking. Spiritually,
Jesus stood between hell and heaven. His cross is a cross of mediation; he is an
intercessor. All that is required is to believe in him; acceptance of his commitment he made
on the cross,” the Vice President said.

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