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17 Jan 2017

Prophet Arrested After He Prophesied Mugabe Will Die In October 2017

The prophet who prophesied the death of Zimbabwe's long time and
incumbent president, Robert Mugabe has been arrested.

Last week, the leader of Kariba Church in Zimbabwe, Prophet Patrick
Mugadza was quoted; 'I just want to tell you something concerning the
year 2017. It is a very special year because of number seven and at
the same time also, 2017 collides with 37 years by which Zanu PF has
been ruling
this beautiful nation of Zimbabwe, but something is going to be
happening also, which is very critical for us to know. It was on the
26th of December 2016 when I was in
prayer and God said to me this coming year 2017 the President is dying
and he told me that he is dying on 17th of October.' According to Zim
Eye, a news paper outfit in Zimbabwe, the controversial prophet was
arrested this morning outside the Harare Magistrates Court where he
had gone for his routine remand hearing. He's being accused of
undermining the authority of the president.

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