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3 Dec 2016

Beautiful Lines From Asa's Songs That Prooves She Is The Queen Of Lyrics


Nigeria is blessed with female singers in Africa but when it comes to
good music,Asa comes to mind.

Dont get me wrong.I don't mean others sing trash.Theis songs are okay.

Ok.let me say personally, i love Asa's songs.

Check out these cool lines

1."You see, if you're walking in a market place Don't throw stones
Even if you do, you just might hit One of your own"

Gotten from "Jailer",Released in 2007.
Beautiful song she has there.

2."Tomorrow is your opportunity to fail Or be successful if you please,

yes indeed Tomorrow is a politician's today

It's the victim of decisions And the future of our children"

From "No one knows tomorrow" released in 2007 also under the same
album with jailer.

3. "I am waiting for one day to succeed

To break down all the boundaries and be free From those who take from
me and mislead me"

This one is from her 2010 album "Beautiful Imperfection"
The song title is "Maybe"
I love that song

4."I know I can't change the past
But as the river keep flowing I'd keep on moving on"

From The song "Moving on"

5."My mama say baby be careful
If anybody comes to say I love you
My papa say baby I warn you
If anybody comes to say I love you

From "Subway"

6."All is not well in the world
One man's truth, another man's lie
The more you see, the less you know"

From "Society" (Album "bed of stones" 2014)

7."Words got around
You talking me down
But I found out"

This is from "Dead again"

8."Why do people believe things they know arent true
When you look into the mirror, who do you see Why do we have to grow to be wise"

She called this one "Quesions"

I know there are many of them but i love these songs

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