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12 Dec 2016

"Are You Joking?"-Chelsea Boss,Conte Surprised By Points Deduction Talks


Chelsea boss,Antonio Conte thought a reporter was joking when asked
about possible points deduction following the ugly scene at the etihad
stadium but the Italian maintained that his players were the

Conte could not understand why there could be a point deduction from
Chelsea following what happened at the etihad.He insisted it wasnt the
fault of his players.

Tensions boiled over in the
closing stages at the Etihad
Stadium last Saturday after
Sergio Aguero's dreadful
challenge on David Luiz,
which saw the City striker sent off and subsequently
banned for four matches. Fernandinho also saw red as
he grabbed Cesc Fabregas by
the throat and pushed
him over the advertising
hoardings, a furious
reaction to being slapped by the Spainiard. Both City and Chelsea were
charged with failing to
control their players,
marking the fifth time in 19
months that the London club
has been called before the Football Association's
disciplinary body for that
offence. That has led to speculation
the league leaders could see
some of their points taken
away, but Conte was
astounded to hear such talk. Asked about the possibility
of a sanction in his post-
match media conference
following Chelsea's 1-0 win
over West Brom on Sunday,
Conte replied: "Are you joking? "For me... if you are involved
in a situation and the fault
is not yours, you must pay?
Why? I don't understand
this. "Manchester City and
Chelsea, at the end of the
game, my players tried to
keep their calm. I don't
understand this. I
repeat, I don't understand this. "We are trying to improve in
all aspects, also this. For this
reason, I reply: you must be
joking. You must be honest
and understand which team
is at fault. "We had a bad record in the
past, but now we are
different. I think that, in
every game, you fight a lot
during 90 minutes and,
when the referee whistles at the end, it's important to

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